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Mild BB cream helps recover damaged skin condition and soothe sensitive skin

Skin regeneration/ PIH prevention / skin protection/ natural skin tone adjusting skin care product!!
Medical skin care Original BB cream with skin regeneration effect

* Feature

Prevention of medical treatment side effects-By accelerating synthesis of collagen it helps to regenerate damaged skin and improve elasticity
-Niacinamideas a skin brightening active ingredient prevents post inflammation hyperpigmentation

Skin barrier recovery -self defending power UP!!
- T.E.W.L decreases due to skin barrier recovery
- Skin is protected from harmful external factors (bacteria, fine dust, UV light etc)

Natural healthy look: be confident in your skin!
Elastic smoothing powder improves product adherence, it finely fills in skin gaps and unifies skin complexion, naturally covers imperfections for a flawless look

* Main Ingredients


Palmitoyl Peptide

(2 types included)
 - Boosts collagen synthesis
 - Regenerates skin


Adenosine & Collagen
 - Strengthens elastic mesh
 - Improves skin elasticity


 - brightening agent
 - Prevents PIH


-3-step skin barrier recovery patentedmaterial

Recommended to use:
√ Right after medical treatment
√ On sensitive skin for further make-up with no irritation
√ For those who want to express natural skin tone

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