S.O.S Blue Mist
S.O.S Blue Mist
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A Mist containing Aulene and neo CMS provides soothing effect and enhances skin after treatment.

(This is a promotional item designed for active medical treatment season autumn-winter and therefore will be discontinued when the stock is exhausted)

Compact and light mist for redness, PIH, scars, pimples, lack of moisture and other skin treatment side effects.
Free of paraben/ phenoxyethanol/ synthetic color/ triethanolamine/ mineral oil/ propylene glycol

Safe preservative -Ethylhexylglycerine
  EWG Grade: Green grade (1)
- Ingredient definition: delivered from glycerin, can be used as a skin conditioner and anaerobic bacteria growth inhibitor. It is used as a substitution to paraben, phenoxyethanol and other harmful preservatives.
- Stability: Internationally approved multifunctional additive. Commonly counted as a safe ingredient of natural plant origin.

* Feature

Fast soothing after skin treatment / relieving from heat damages
Calming blue complex:
√ Azulene and Aloe Vera Flower: decrease redness on bloodshot skin and relieves swollen skin
√ Provitamin (Vita B5): replenish and soothe skin 
√ Holy Basil leaf : reduction of hypersensitivity reaction
√ Corallina officinalis polysubstance: heat damage prevention, skin conditioning

Skin replenishment / elasticity improvement
√ 5 different growth factors aid in skin's self recovery function
√ Tiny particle-size collagen of plant origin improves the appearance of skin elasticity

Moisturizing / Fortifying / Moisture maintenance
√ Tiny particle-size Hyaluronic Acid of plant origin supplies sufficient amount of moisture
√ Helps prevent moisture loss of damaged skin 
√ Increases moisture on skin to keep moisture even in harsh conditions

Panacea solution for skin problems
√ Oil control, prevention of PIH
√ Skin replenishing

* Main Ingredients

<Effective soothing mist for supersensitive and irritated skin>

1) Calming Blue Complex
Azulene / Aloe Vera Flower / Provitamin(Vita B5 ) / Holy Basil Leaf / Corallina officinalis polysubstance
Soothes redness and irritation

2) 5GF Complex
 (EGF, IGF, Oligopeptide-29, Oligopeptide-6, Arginin/Lysine Polypeptide Complex) Nano liposome-size growth factor
   - Skin replenishing
   - Elasticity improvement
   - Youthful look

<Fortifying & moisturizing ingredients>

Cell Fusion C EX patented material
    -3-step fortifying system

2) Tremella mushroom (fungus) extract
Yang Guifei (one of the Four Beauties of ancient China) used fungus as the main product for skin care.
   - Deep hydration (natural alternative to sodium hyaluronate)
   - Moisturizing and revitalization
   - Natural origin Hyaluronic Acid, collagen
      [Collagen particle-size is smaller and penetration rate is higher than collagen of animal/marine origin]

3) Betaine
Humectant, hair and skin-conditioning agent
   -Oil / moisture balance control
  - Helps retain moisture by forming a protective film
  -High absorbing power
  - Soothing effect
   [Moisturizing effect is even stronger than the one of natural moisturizer glycerin]

<Oil control ingredients>

Neem Tree Complex
 [ Neem:-used as a panacea in Indian medicine]
Neem Leaf, Flower/ Eggplant extract / Turmeric Extract
   - Controls excessive oil 
   - Soothing function
   - Prevention of PIH
   - Effective on eczema, atopy and dry skin calming


Directions: lightly spray when needed 20cm away from skin (eyes should be closed).
√ Light weight (42g) and pocket size : take with you and use anytime anywhere.
    [E.g., lipstick average weight -35g, cushion product average weight -75~80g]
√ 1 pack –around 7 weeks of everyday usage
   1 spray shot: 0.037ml / 459 shots in one pack/ using it 3 times per day 3 shots each time will make it last 7 weeks.


Recommended to use:
√ Instead of toner right after skin treatment for soothing and moisturizing effect or on dry, acne or other problematic skin.
√ To provide moisture and calm skin after treatment or prevent heat damage after sunburn etc. without touching irritated skin.
√ On atopy skin, extremely dry and itchy skin to relieve feeling of dryness and itchiness (keep in cool place and apply whenever needed).
√ To replenish extensively damaged hair (apply after washing hair and drying it to slightly wet condition).
√ When fixing make-up: spray on a dry powder sponge and then apply make-up (effective when fixing make-up on dry skin.

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