S.O.S Rejuve Sheet Mask
S.O.S Rejuve Sheet Mask
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Contains 1 bottle of replenishing ampoule!!!

Embossing replenishing mask that transfers solution to skin without external loss!!

 (This is a promotional item designed for active medical treatment season autumn-winter and therefore will be discontinued when the stock is exhausted)

15g x 25Sheets

Europe OEKO-TEX 1st class certified material Ellose-sheet


The lightness and adherence coming from the ½ thickness compared with the existing sheet material /emboss texture delivering the essence / breathable permeability


* Feature

[SOS Rejuve Ampoule] Skin replenishing + PIH preventing solution

-3-step replenishing system 

- Powerful protection: Helps protect skin from external stressors

- Calming skin hypersensitivity: Calms and soothes hypersensitive skin 

-PIH prevention: Hibiscus full of vitamin C prevents inflammatory pigmentation


[Ellose Sheet] Rubber modeling effect of the embossing structure

-Moisture barrier  : Prevents external loss of the ampoule when using the mask

-Ultra-hydrating layer:  Retains replenishing ampoule-> Transfers to damaged skin

-Breathable structure: Does not block skin -> Comfortable feeling  



                                       Contracts [10%]


(Before absorption)


Prevents ampoule loss 


(After absorption)


Improves skin elasticiy and firming



√ ½ thickness (150㎛) compared with the existing sheet material. Ultra-thin sheet with maximum adherence

√ Emboss texture – High content of essence with high transferability

√ Breathable structure allows high permeability without blocking the skin—does not affect skin breathing




Ellose sheet structure and effect

2 layers: Barrier layer preventing moisture loss + Essence retaining, ultra-hydrating layer

  -Barrier layer : Prevents moisture loss and essence loss

  -Ultra-hydrating layer: Essence retention. Transfers directly to skin


Ellose sheet contracts (approx. 10%) after transferring the essence to skin. As it contracts, provides skin firming effect 



* Main Ingredients


5GF Complex

EGF, IGF, FGF, KGF, TGF Complex  

For improved skin replenishment, elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles



3-step skin replenishing patented material



High vitamin C content

Antioxidant effect, relieves stress


Centella asiatica

Helps replenish skin and boosts collagen 



Skin calming, soothing

improves texture and skin tone


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