Calming Infusion Essence
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Hydrating/calming Essence for calming, refreshing post-treatment All skin

Special Feature)
An instant soothing essence that restores skin resistance  to external damage  and intensely hydrates for clear, healthy skin.
Suitable for all skin conditions with signs of dehydration and irritation.

Calming infusion complex helps reduce skin discomfort and stress with soothing effect and by Moisture layering mechanism, it increases critical moisture retention of skin and strengthens the barrier-protective and moisture-binding functions.
Moreover, it is applied to the skin thinly and softly with high absorption rate.
From the Lavender scent, the customer can be relaxed and it helps increasing soothing effect.
It can be used right after medical treatment and also day and night.

Active Ingredient)
Calming infusion complex (Azulene by distilling camellia sinensis Leaf Water, Organic Dandelion, Centella Asiatica Extract): Soothing and Calming down sensitive and irritated skin. Relieves skin stress, Anti-inflammation, Rejuvenation
Polyglutamic Acid : Layering moisture barrier on the surface of the skin to maintain moisture level.
Ferment extracts(Bacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract, Aspergillus Ferment): Revitalize skin energy and strenthen skin self-recovery system.

How to use)
After using Toner, apply adequate amount over the face follwing the skin tecture. Use day and night.

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