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VIGEN is a natural herbal supplement promoting woman's hormone balance

VIGEN is an herbal supplement that naturally promotes a woman's hormone balance substituting artificial hormones. VIGEN's main ingredient, wild yam, red clover and chaste tree berry, is standardized to its key active compounds. Also, VIGEN add evening primrose, soy isoflavone, velvet antler and black cohosh to address a broader range of menopausal symptoms, irregular menstrual cycles, osteoporosis, anti-oxidant as well as to achieve age-reversing benefits. These unique qualities and effectiveness of VIGEN for women have been clinically proven with years of studies.


Women's unbalanced hormones cause changes in menstrual cycles and aging. And aging also causes hormone unbalance in body. VIGEN improves unbalanced hormones by helping to release more hormones naturally. VIGEN is a perfect natural solution to help relief symptoms of menopause for women who are reluctant to start or stay on HRT.

  • Relief from Menopause symptoms
  • Reduction of PMS symptoms
  • Balances Female hormones, both of estrogen and progesterone
  • Relief from anxiety, depression, pain, water retention, and hypoglycemia, caused by hormone imbalance.

  • Natural Approach: VIGEN, unlike other female hormone supplements, does not contain any chemical precursors which would force your body instead of promotes natural balance of hormones.
  • Quality Ingredients: VIGEN is made from the highest quality herbal ingredients. It is developed by a physician from traditional herbal remedy. VIGEN contains no salt, sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives.
  • Natural herbal ingredients in Vigen
    • Black Cohosh
    • Chaste Tree Berry
    • Dong Quai
    • Papain
    • Evening Primrose Oil
    • Red Clover
    • Soy Isoflavones
    • Velvet Antler Extract (IGF-1)
    • Wild Yam
    • Coral Calcium
    • Grape Seed Extract
    • ...and more!
  • Risk-Free: VIGEN does not have side effects such as breast cancer, weight gain, morning sickness, nausea, swelling, irritability, headaches, or irregular periods, which are the side-effects of pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy.

  • Common changes caused by hormone unbalance in females are describes as follows:

    1. Irregular uterine bleeding
    2. Hot flashes
    3. Weight gain
    4. Decreased libido
    5. Mood changes and depression
    6. Impaired memory and concentration
    7. Skin changes
    8. Poor sleep
    9. Cardiovascular diseases
    10. Osteoporosis
    11. Irritability
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