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With "SENS" diminishing scars, pigmentation, freckles, moles, age spots and acne marks are made easy.


Diminishing Scars,Pigmentation, Freckles,Moles, Age Spots and
Acne Marks Made EASY.

  • Medical Stainless Steel

Using medical stainless steel disposable needle equipped with high
frequency electricity, SENS ensures maximized effectiveness in
every treatment.

  • Minimal Side Effects

Unlike traditional pigmentation treatment devices with high
possibility of leaving scars and marks, SENS is engineered to minimize
side effects and leaving post-procedure marks.

  • Easy to Use

Simple to operate, SENS precisely targets treatment area in various
depth and types without irritating or damaging skin.

  • Versatility

SENS diminishes freckles, pigmentation, moles, age/dark spots,
angioma, syringoma, xanthoma and spider veins quickly, easily and

  • Quick Recovery

SENS prevents future formation of pigmentation while dramatically
diminishing pigmentation. Easily applied to pigmented areas in
various sizes and location. It only takes about 1 week to fully recover
from the treatment.

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