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PDT(Photodynamic therapy) ampoule used for 415-430nm, 635-660nm LED wavelength

1.5ml x10

Ampoule that kills the acne germ caused by PDT. 
after extracting acne, apply on the area and  wait about 15~20 minutes for penetration, Once the ampoule has penetrated into the skin, expose skin to LED light for 10~15 minutes. 
Other solutions such as ALA and metheylALA that were commonly used for acne treatment are water-soluble and therefore lack absorption. And it remains in skin for several days thereby prolonging the redness. Other side effects also were associated with these solutions, while the problems with phototoxicity and anasarca also arose. 
Chlorin-e6 is a chlorophyll complex that is water-soluble. It lacks absorption and it is discharged from the body too fast, so the difficulty in measuring the exact amount was one of its weaknesses. 
Photo Q chlorophyll is fat-soluble and therefore has a great absorption. It reacts to red wavelength and the light penetrates as deep as  1.3cm, therefore has a superior effect over blue wavelength PDT. It reacts to both the blue and red LED light so it has great effect while posing no side effects.

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