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WARNING Unauthorized Resellers
HUMEX,INC. is the exclusive US authorized licensee for All Cell Fusion C Products.
We are proud of our reputation as a distributor of Cell Fusion C, quality medical grade skincare products. Cell Fusion C products are sold to medical clinics and professional skincare shops in the US through HUMEX,INC.
We are committed to provide the highest quality products at all times to our customers. We strongly advise customers to refrain from making purchases through unknown resellers. There are individuals and entities (which are not authorized by HUMEX INC) that advertise and sell Cell Fusion C products through online sites such as, E-Bay, etc.
It is prohibited to sell them online, and our rights are protected by the contract. Therefore, All sales of Cell Fusion C products on Ebay, Amazon, or any other third party platform not by HUMEX,INC. are unauthorized and illegal, so legal actions could occur against such unauthorized sellers.

If you have any uncertainty, feel free to contact us at