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Rejuve Sunscreen Sample Pouch
Rejuve Sunscreen Sample Pouch
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1.5g x 40

Replenishing sunscreen 

-Replenishing sunscreen to apply after high power laser treatment

-Moisturizing, elasticity improvement cream & sunscreen




 Laser Sunscreen 100 – ver. 2!! (upgraded)

 Laser Sunscreen 100 has been discontinued. It has been upgraded to rejuve sunscreen and is a professional product.




* Feature


Essential item after skin treatment: UV protection and skin replenishing provided at the same time

  • Texture feels like CFC Laser Sunscreen 100 + skin replenishing level up with EGF & Peptides complex formula

[2 in 1: replenishing cream + sunscreen]

  • Strengthened protection against UV light by PA++++ : enhanced defense for vulnerable skin after procedures
  • Replenishes damaged skin after skin care treatments [helps prevent treatment side effects]




* Texture





* Active Ingredients


Zinc Oxide 9% & Titanium Oxide 2%

Physical sunscreen

(inorganic UV protection ingredient)
-Protects skin from UV A,B lights

 It reflects ultraviolet rays by covering the skin with a protective film. Hypoallergenic and can be used on sensitive skin


Octinoxate 6%, Octisalate 4%

No white turbidity and has good texture


* Inactive Ingredients 



It stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. Helps produce collagen and elastin fibres. EGF products help create a firm and tightened looking skin.


Syn-ake peptide 

 It helps moisturize skin, prevent signs of muscle contraction and create Botox-like effects on skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and providing elasticity to stretched skin.



Palmitoyl peptide

It is a synthesis peptides that are believed to play a role in appearance of skin firmness. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 is a synthetic material consisting of Tripeptide-5 and Palmitic Acid with amino acid bound.
Because of its low molecular weight, it penetrates the epidermis of the skin and can penetrate deep into the dermis. 
Many cosmetics contain collagen itself, but in fact collagen itself has too much molecular weight, making it difficult to absorb the skin.It is difficult to obtain anticipated anti-aging effects. But serum or cream containing Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 is deeply absorbed into the skin, and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines through its ultra-moisturizing effect. 


-3-step skin replenishing patented material




How to use : 30 minutes before going out apply liberal amount of cream and with slight tapping, let it absorb.



TIP : Recommended to use together with Powerproof Sunscreen 100 for people with high sebum secretion or sweating, or seasonally

For oily skin type and hot summer season, it is recommended to use Rejuve Sunscreen 100 with Power-Proof Sunscreen 100.
Rejuve Sunscreen 100 does not have Power-Proof effect. Sweating and swimming cause the sunscreen to wear off even faster, and you need to apply number of time a day. Apply Rejuve Sunscreen 100 first and apply Power-Proof Sunscreen 100 will make double layer not to wear off.

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