Ultimate Cellulose Mask
Ultimate Cellulose Mask
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Bio cellulose mask is produced to replace damaged epidermis, so it is known as ‘Second Skin’ and firstly used for treating burns. After it comes to cosmetic fields, it is used for effective care for PIH, Redness, Dryness after Laser, peeling, and MTS treatments. By preventing dryness and inflammation, it keeps skin regenerated and moisturized.


* Feature

1.Instant Rejuvenation-EGF complex provides instant rejuvenation, so it can be applied right after laser treatment such as Fraxel for rejuvenation, moisturizing and soothing

2.Long lasting moisturizing Soaking essence 10 times more than sheet mask and its moisturizing effect is long last

3.Fast Soothing It provides excellent soothing effect by cooling agent and Bio Cellulose is often used for treating burn, so it can be helpful for skin exposed by summer sun to be soothed and tightened pores

4.Hypoallergenic Sterilization is done by Gamma rays and it does not provide any irritations to damaged skin.

5.Skin adherence Easy to move during attaching mask.


* Benefit

• Rejuvenation and Healing skin damages at one and same time
It restores damaged skin barrier caused by medical treatment by rejuvenating and healing with EGF complex

• Your 2nd Skin
Cellulose sheet from fermented Coconut water cares skin without irritation and
being the 2nd skin to protect external factors.

• Moisturizing and Soothing
It provides long-lasting moisturizing and also instant soothing and calming effect.


* Active Ingredients

EGF Complex, CMS™, Biometic Water, Adenosine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate

--> * Bio Cellulose Microbial Cellulose

• Gel type which maintains high strength by 3 dimensional reticular structure to keep soft and moisturized.

• It conserves ampoule as much as it can to provide moisturizing and nourishing to skin.

• It is similar to skin protein structure, so highly adhere to skin. Therefore, it is often called as 2nd skin because of wear ability.

• Excellent safety: for Food purpose, it has been made, so it may be ok to eat one.

• Maintaining freshness and cooling effects for long term.


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