Ultimate Ampoule
Ultimate Ampoule
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The strongest EGF 30% ampoule
Deep and Effective rejuvenation serum

* Feature

1.The strong rejuvenating serum containing EGF Complex 30% for promoting skin rejuvenating mechanism

2.The golden remedy for youthfulness, the three-dimensional anti-aging treatment
Effectiveness and safety of the product are verified by containing adenosine, the certified substance for improving wrinkles that forms the essential ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate, an energy source) in biologic activities. Best skin condition is maintained without irritation by effectuating the regenerating activities after fractional laser and peeling procedures.

3.Strong moisturizing and increased elasticity
Hyaluronic acid, the similar substance to the inside of the skin, is contained in the product to increase moisturizing and elasticity of the skin. Also, lactobacillus-fermented substance acquired from the fermentation process is contained to increase soothing effect and immunity power as well as skin moisturizing.

4.5 Non-additive formula
The low-irritating serum containing none of the five harmful substances (mineral oil, PEG, fragrance, lanolin oil, paraben) gives no irritation to the skin.

* Active Ingredients
EGF Complex, CMS™, Biometic Water, Lactobacillus Ferment, Curcuma Longa Root Extract, Adenosine

* How to use
√ Applicable right after peeling or laser procedure or mezzo-therapy including MTS
√ A cure-all product for youthfulness, effective in improving wrinkles, brightening, moisturizing, improving skin tissue, elasticity and soothing skin troubles
√ In case of making the rejuvenating cream with other cream, mix one-time volume of cream with 1~2 spoids of Super Serum.