Pore Minimizer
Pore Minimizer
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Intensive pore treatment.
Enlarged pores are tightened by controlling excess oil and skin redness. 

40ml 1.33 fl.oz


* Feature

Contained Tannin natural substances including witch-hazel, chestnut skin etc give immediate astringent effects to shrink pores.
Bio substances to effectively care elasticity and pores ( burdock, Japanese apricot, agaric, acorn) hace an effect on the corium tissues around pores expanded due to decrease in elasticity to help to synthesize collagen and increase elasticity.
Through purification of sebum production, cares pores relaxed dus to excess excretion and balance oil and moisture to keep skin healthy. 

*Active Ingredients

Arctium Lappa Root Ext : Natural tannin substance extracted from burdocks balances oil and moisture.

Hamamelis Virginiana(Witch Hazel) Extract: Tree bark extract, Purifies pores and helps reduce the appearance of enlaged pores. 

Castanea Sativa(Chestnut) Seed Extract: Chestnut tree extract, antioxidant ingredient brightens skin tone. 

Quercus Acutissima Fruit Extract: Oak tree extract, soothing effects and enhanced elasticity. 

Pleurotus Sauoj–caju Flitrate: Pleurotus eryngii extract, skin soothing, hydration, and helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. 

Chaenomeies(Chaenomeies Japonica Seed Ext) : Chaenomeles lagenaria extract. Purifying and soothing. 

After the nect stage after using toner, Apply Pore Refiner(Serum) to  T-zone areas and black head area for 5~15 minutes depending on skin condition. Then, wash off the face woth luckwarm water. And gently apply Pore Minimizer(Cream) to the whole face focusing on U-zone.

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