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Pore Refiner
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For Intensive treatment of whiteheads, blackheads and enlarged pores.
Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores and helps create evenly-surfaced flawless skin by removing impurities and waste to prevent clogging and enlargement of pores, resulting in clearer and smoother skin.


* Feature

Eliminates excessive corneous tissue on the skin surface, inhibits excessive corneous phenomena within pores, and prevents pore expansion with the emission of waste.
And penetrating deeply into the pores, normalizes excess sebum production, and reduces pores by inhibiting activation of sebum excretion activation, It's effective to apply to black and white head skin, skin that pores are lengthened, skin without elasticity, acne scars and dark and dull.
Intensively apply to T-zone as this formula may make skin dry because of its effect to peel skin.
By rolling with a silicon brush, you may feel warm feeling to remove not only make up residue and dirt in pores. but also blackhead and whitehead effectively, Sebum-clear agents( Bromelain, Papain, Hydrolyzed Sponge) clears dirt in the pore to purify the skin. Moreover, 6 kids/ plant extracts provide a moisturizing effect to the skin which might be dried out during pore care.

*Active Ingredients

Bromelain, Papain : Deep cleansing effect by removing make up residues and old keratins.

Hydrolyzed sponge : By eliminating impurities and waste within pores, clears blackhead and whitehead

Diospyros Kaki Leaf Extract: Pore tightening effect by tannin.



Pump 1~2 times and directly apply onto T-zone with silicon brush on the head of the bottle by gently rolling in 3~5 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water

Sequence of use
Extracting Acne --> Toner --> Eye cream around eyes --> Pore Refiner on T-zone --> Pore Minimizer or Coenzyme Q10 + Oxygen Serum for whole face

Salicylic Acid – Not to be used for children under three years of age.