Hydro Balancing Gel Mask
Hydro Balancing Gel Mask
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For all skin types, particularly dry and sensitive skin.

Intensively moisturizes and revitalizes dry and troubled skin with hydrogenated lecithin, hyaluronic acid and raffinose.

Provides immediate relief to dry patches and damaged areas of skin. 

250ml 8.5 fl.oz


* Feature

Gel Mask to be used for all types of skin including lack of moisture, dry and troubled skin. Provides moisture to troubled areas and intensively improves damaged areas of skin. 

As a gel type mask having excellent absorption, it is possible to apply to all types of skin including normal and slightly dry skin as well as lack of moisture and sensitive skin etc.


* Active Ingredients

Hydrogenated Lecithin: Provides moisture and protein nutritional provision effects.

Hyaluronic Acid: The natural moisturizing factor. Delivers intensive hydration, soothing

Raffinose: Delivers intensive hydration to skin 


Gently and evenly smooth onto skin at the stage of mask avoiding eye areas. After 15~20 minutes, cleanse with tepid water.

* Tip

You can blending it with Oxygen Hydrating Serum, Oxygen Postchemical Serum or Oxygen Couperose Serum etc.

It is recommended to use after keeping it refrigerated.