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Purifying Sulfur Cream Mask
Purifying Sulfur Cream Mask
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This trouble-correcting formula effectively treats P. acne, a bacteria that causes problematic skin breakout, while controlling excess oil and refining enlarged pores.

Offers soothing and healing care for stressed and irritated areas from acne.


 250ml 8.5 fl.oz


* Feature

Cream Mask used for caring dark and pigmented skin due to excess oil, acne, enlarged pores and trouble scars.

Treats P-Acne and has a powerful effect on calming skin irritated by acne, controls excess oil. 

Sulfur extract is often used as herbal treatment for curing acne and corn starch extract controls excess oil.


* Active Ingredients

Corn Starch: corn starch extract. Sebum control with skin affinity.

Sulfur: sulfur extract. Corrects acne trouble and controls excess oil. Increase in skin smoothness 0.01%

Hodcra Helix (IVY)Ext: Aralia elata extract. Skin cleansing and purifying effects

Melaleuca Alternifolia(Tea Tree)Leaf Oil: Tea tree aroma substance. Corrects acne trouble and soothes skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid: The natural moisturizing factor. Has a moisturizing effect




Gently and evenly smooth onto skin at the stage of mask avoiding eye areas.

After 15~20 minutes, cleanse with warm water.

Use once a week to control excess oil and blackheads.

* Tip

The swelling will go down and it is great to apply before and after acne extraction to calm and soothe the treated area. 

Topically apply to T-zone or acne areas along with MediSpa Spot Control.