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DERMA WHITE Multi Brightening Modeling Mask
DERMA WHITE Multi Brightening Modeling Mask
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Skin brightening mask for sensitive skin that evens out uneven skin tone.


* Feature

CFC Professional Modeling Masks help not only improve skin condition after medical procedure,

but care each different skin issues efficiently. 

For all uneven and hyperpigmented skin types.

helps improving skin tone and replenishes the skin, and it also soothes irritated area by boosting skin’s moisture level.

[Effects] skin nourishment, enhanced skin elasticity, even skin tone
-skin brightening vitamin C helps prevent pigmentation
-kiwi extract evens out skin tone and hydrates skin
-balnces skin and promotes healthier skin through hydration and nourishment
main ingredient) ascorbic acid

Common ingredient in all 3 modeling masks: (POST α Aqua Cooling Modeling Mask / DERMA WHITE Multi Brightening Modeling Mask / A.C. CONTROL A.C. Purifying Modeling Mask)

Characteristics of the main ingredient of the modeling mask, "ALGINATE" and "diatomaceous earth"
1. ALGINATE takes up about 20 – 30% of marine algae component, and is a mucous-like fiber that can be found in seaweed and kelp.
-great heavy metal cleansing effect
-great cleansing effect
-helps even out skin texture

2. Diatomaceous earth is a porous material (type of fossil earth) created when the siliceous remains of the unicellular algae diatom are piled up on the ocean floor or lake floor.
-increases moisture
-various minerals nourish skin
-cleanse skin from toxic substances to create healthy skin

* How to use

After cleansing, pour the powder in a clean rubber bowl and mix with water in a 1:0.5 ratio using a spatula. Apply immediately all over the face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes until it hardens, and gently remove mask from the bottom up.