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Oxygen Hydrating Serum
Oxygen Hydrating Serum
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For dry and mature skin.
A deep moisturizing serum that restores skin with deep hydration. 
Instantly provides hydration to Glycosoaminoglycans(GAGs) which are moisture holding protein in the dermis to revitalize skin.
Releases oxygen molecules into skin to restore healthy circulation and strengthen skin condition.

60ml  2.0 fl.oz

* Feature

Provides immediate moisture to skin while increasing vitality by recovering and restoring damaged skin. Also, it aids in skin activities by providing necessary oxygen deep into skin. It replenishes and strengthens skin using complex moisture agents and oxygen supply materials on aging and dry skin. 

*Active Ingredients

Squalane : Soothes and restores damaged skin. 
Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) :
Antioxidant effects.
Hyaluronic Acid : Provides moisture by a natural moisture factor.
Bata-Glucan : An extract from officinal mushroom and leaven. It has strong antioxidant actions and protects skin from chemical ingredients by strengthening skin. 
Glycosyl Trehalose : Provides protection from damage.
Portulaca 0leracea Extract : Moisture, skin brightening and purification effects by amaranth extract.


It is used at the serum step after toner. Blend according to prescriptions of various cream, serum and emulsion.

Massage mixing rate :  Professional Creams 15ml + Oxygen serum 5ml