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Advanced EGF Re-activator
Advanced EGF Re-activator
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EGF containing skin recovery serum will improve regeneration and elasticity of skin that got
damaged by medical surgery or external factors and got sensitive and irritated.

60ml 2.0 fl.oz

* Feature

▪ √ 5 growth factors made to nano liposome size using ultrasonic waves have improved skin penetration
ability comparing to EGF big particles.
Product contains 5GF Complex (5 Oligopeptides) : Oligopeptide-6 , Oligopeptide-29 ,
Oligopeptide-2 , Oligopeptide-1 , Arginine/Lysine Polypeptide 

√ From age 25 regeneration cycle is getting collapsed due to decreasing of EGF.
5GF complex normalizes skin regeneration cycle by replenishment of insufficient EGF, boosting cell growth and division.

√ This is an optimized solution for skin that gets swollen and sensitive after various kinds of medical surgeries.
∙ This product does not contain Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Alcohol, Artificial colors, Synthetic fragrance and other ingredients that cause irritation so it may be used safely right after surgery.
∙ Panthenol (Vitamin B5) is 3th on the list of mostly used cosmetic ingredients.
Panthenol as a humectant has an ability to attract and hold moisture.
As this product contains Panthenol it provides moisture that was lost due to surgery, stops moisture evaporation.
It also prevents inflammation and itching, relieves swollen skin by accelerating purification.

*Active Ingredients

5GF Complex :  Nano liposome size growth factor & regeneration ingredient
-Aftersurgery regeneration
-Elasticity improvement
-Anti wrinkle care

PanthenolVitamin B5
-Attracts moisture and prevents its loss
-Inflammation control
-Wounds healing
-Swollen skin relaxation


Hyaluronic Acid : Natural Moisturizing Factor. Moisturizing effect.


After washing the face apply appropriate amount at the step of serum to the whole face and let it absorb.


Usage with equipment – Iontophoresis/Ionzyme/Ultrasound/Cryocell
① Do cleansing and deep cleansing (exfoliation etc).
② Mix well S.O.S Aloe Med + Ultimate EGF Re-Activator (about 1 dropper) and use as a regeneration solution.
③ Apply the solution #② and start treatment with the equipment.
(*For Iontophoresis use Advanced EGF Re-Activator only. For Ultrasound or Ionzyme add S.O.S Aloe Med gel)
④ After finishing treatment apply modelling mask.
⑤ Final step: application of cream, UV-protector etc.

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