Soft Cotton Facial Sheet Mask
Soft Cotton Facial Sheet Mask
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Empty 25 sheets


A breathable, non-toxic soft cotton facial sheet mask.

There are 25 sheets per package and are used with toner, serum, or cream.

There are 3 holes for eyes and mouth, and slits on the edges and its inventive circular shape ensures maximum coverage, reaching every area of your face.

How to use (ex. calming/soothing treatment)
Mix K-Solution and S.O.S Aloe Med Gel or ampoule of your choice in a clean tray, dip a sheet of mask and soak in the solution, refrigerate, and use as a calming treatment after skin medical procedures.

1. Sterilized natural non woven cotton material
2. Non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritating to the skin
3. It does not contain harsh chemicals.
5. Soft, absorbent, and allows air and moisture move around freely, allowing your skin to stay comfortable and moisturized.

Size: 22cmx23cm
Material: Cotton