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CMS Cell Fusion C Introduction

CMS is available exclusively through doctors and licensed skin care professionals throughout 4,000 cosmetic medical facilities in South Korea and 40,000 doctor’s offices worldwide throughout 45 countries including USA,Canada,UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland and Australia.

CMS is a skin care line that stands for CELL MEMBRANE STRUCTURE with products that help to provide a barrier that keeps irritants out and moisture in by using nanotechnology.

CMS restores healthy skin barrier functions and enhances antioxidant defense against photo-aging and free radical damage by delivering ingredients that mimic the intercellular lipid layers of the skin.

CMS uses nanotechnology and dual liposome techniques that have been clinically proven to effectively deliver active ingredients deep into the skin without chemical preservatives, mineral oil, fragrances and artificial dyes.

CMS carries a total of 110 products – a retail line that consists of 58 products and a professional line that consists of 52 products.

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What should we protect the skin barrier?

Preserving the skin Barrier

Preserving the skin barrier and the individually varying natural TEWL basically is the principal aim of skin care. Generally, within a period of abouy 4 weeks, the skin goes through a complete renewal process.

Also, there is a certain loss of substances due to abrasions and peeling which 
has to be replaced. In addition to that, the skin looses basic substances thro ugh the solvent effect of liquids. Soaps and cleansing agents wash the natural fatty substances and acids out of the skin and thus form holes in the structure of the barrier layers. Unless skin care products are used on a regular base, the skin feels drier.

The emulsifiers contained in skin care products also show wash out effects which generally are only realized on second sight.

Emulsifiers stabilize mixtures of oils and water in the form of emulsions. With the application of emulsions the fatty substances are transported into the skin.

After the water has evaporated, most of the emulsifiers stay in the skin and will not degrade. The contact with water while showering or partially cleansing the skin reactivates the emulsifiers which then again transport fatty substances out of the skin with the result that the skin will not only loose skin care substances but also natural barrier substances.

It strongly reduces the TEWL rate and the natural skin regeneration will decrease. The stratum corneum is structured like brickwork .
The dead horny cells are the "bricks" in this picture. The "mortar" which keeps the horny cells together consists of highly effective barrier layers with a bi-layer membrane structure similar to the ell membranes. They are also called lipid bi-layers.
In cases where the membrane structure is disturbed the skin dehydrates, and due to its increased roughness or developed cracks, it is even more susceptible to hepenetration of harmful substances. The objective of recent concepts is to keep the membrane
structures between the horny cells in a rather natural and intact condition.

This type of skin care has components which are very well tolerated by the natural membrane structure and which are able to restore it without impeding the natural regeneration of the skin. In this connection two factors are very important.


What is the 4224444?

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